PRESALE STARTS NOW Whoo hoo!! I have a flood of emotions running through every…


Whoo hoo!!

I have a flood of emotions running through every part of my body right now.
Today, yes today, my book is available presale. After a 4 year journey, here I sit as I type this with a heart full of gratitude for everyone who has supported me through this. @oceanreeve was a great publishing team to work with and were so patient with me growing through this release.

This book has some of my favourite created healthyfood desserts within that are all glutenfree and refined sugarfree. Each recipe was created with love and have a homemade comforting vibe to each. Some are easy, and some may test you. That’s what life is about, growing through the joys and pains. Always learning. I also share 11 short stories I call them, that allows you to get to know me on another level, and get a feel about my wellness journey within this life.

I have a dedication to my baby 🐦 within as he has been a rock for me throughout and brang me joy when I felt to give up. Thankyou Woowoo!

I am so grateful @ayamaustralia let me use their trademark name as it’s the only coconut cream and milks I will use in my recipes. It’s just gorgeous.

Thankyou @kimmorrison28 and @annietclark for my amazing book reviews within.

Thank YOU too!
Without YOU, I would have had no purpose to produce this book that I am so proud to release and share with you.


Order off my website.

Can I share my gratitude one more time?
Thankyou so very much. I love you.

If this could benefit anyone, please feel free to share my joy.🥳🥳

Please help me share my news 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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