#fnfcelebratingpakistanicuisine so in #fnfcpcweeek07 dessert was veg halwa ..and…

#fnfcelebratingpakistanicuisine so in #fnfcpcweeek07 dessert was veg halwa ..and I made mixed halwa beetroot and carrot…it easy and quick and hassle free recipe… you don’t need to add khoya too it’s taste was so awesome..so must try …
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Beetroot carrot halwa ..

3 tbs ghee ..
3 to 4 green whole cardemom. .
2.5 shredded Beetroot. .
2.5 cup shredded carrots. .wash little after shredding for good colour of halwa then strain it well
1/3 cup sugar or as per taste … I like mild ..
3/4 cup dry milk powder.
1/2 cup fresh dairy cream. .
1 tbs coconut milk powder or cream ( optional)
3 tbs dessicated coconut ( I like coconut flavour)
1 lemon juice. .
Few drops kewra essence. .
crushed nuts as per choice…

In a wok add ghee and cardemom … fry until aromatic then add in shredded Beetroot and carrot … fry little and cook on slow flame for 15 to 20 minutes. .. it will cook in it’s own water …. when water will be evaporated and Beetroot and carrot will be tender. … add in sugar and cook again for 5 to 6 minutes on slow flame. .it will be syrup in halwa again ..dry it then add in cream ,coconut powder, dessicated coconut, milk powder … add in lemon juice too ..it will become milky and of light colour. .. now bhoonofy on medium flame. .. when you will feel like khoya in it or you will feel bright colour of halwa then add in kewra essence and crushed nuts … it’s done ..remove from heat. … garnish it with more nuts. You will love it. .. serve hot or chilled as per desired. .

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